The KL Easter Egg 2022
The KL Easter Egg 2022
The KL Easter Egg 2022
The KL Easter Egg 2022
The KL Easter Egg 2022


The KL Easter Egg 2022

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Easter is here and we’ve laid an egg!
Crack it open and get your KL goodies.

The KL Easter Egg contains the following items:
Horse & Hare Black T-Shirt x 1
Honey Lip (Lip Balm) x 1
Bonus Stickers x 3

Item Descriptions:
Horse & Hare Black T-Shirt
So, what comes out of an egg? Why, a rabbit and a horse of course!
The quirky new “Horse & Hare” design will keep you pushing along in style wherever you’re headed.

Shirt Size : L (Unisex)
Shirt Base Color : Black
Body Length : 72cm
Body Width : 52cm
Shoulder Width : 46cm
Sleeves Length : 20cm
Body/Fabric : Cotton 38% Polyester 38% Rayon 24%

Honey Lip
A gentle honey flavored lip balm, formulated from all natural plant based ingredients such as organically farmed Almond Seed Oil and purified natural Beeswax. 
The KEN LLOYD Honey Lip will keep your lips hydrated, healthy and soft. 
Coat your lips with honey and kiss away.

Net Wt: 4g
Ingredients: Almond Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rice Oil, Beeswax, Honey, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance
*Honey Lip does not contain any alcohol or petrochemical ingredients

Bonus Stickers x3
A bonus 3 sticker set that includes 1 large Horse & Hare sticker and 1 large/1 small KL Logo sticker.