Super Mega Chill White T-shirt
Super Mega Chill White T-shirt


Super Mega Chill White T-shirt

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Wanna just chill, but too shy to tell your friends?
We got you.

Printed in laminated silver ink, the “Super Mega Chill” front design adorns the front of the shirt, while the KL logo is featured as both an embroidered tag on the front and printed tag on the inside of the shirt.
Cooler than cool. Wear it and let the world know you’re Super Mega Chill.

Shirt Size : L (Unisex)
Shirt Base Color : White
Body Length : 72cm
Body Width : 52cm
Shoulder Width : 46cm
Sleeves Length : 20cm
Body/Fabric : Cotton 38% Polyester 38% Rayon 24%