KL Essential Oil Set 2
KL Essential Oil Set 2
KL Essential Oil Set 2


KL Essential Oil Set 2

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A follow up to our extremely popular first Essential Oil Set that sold out in just over an hour.
For this set, we’ve blended scents that induce moods to help in relaxation, feeling refreshed, and getting quality sleep. 

Whether you’re working from home, just want to relax after a hard day or needing a good night’s sleep, the KL Essential Oil Set 2 is the perfect way to ease and unwind. Just pick an Essential Oil of your choice, drip a few droplets onto the Aroma Stone and let your troubles fade away.

This set contains the following:
Drifting Temple Essential Oil 10ml x 1
Lemon Sublime Essential Oil 10ml x 1
Citrus Bliss Essential Oil 10ml x 1
Super Mega Chill Aroma Stone x 1

Essential Oil Descriptions:
Drifting Temple
Elegant, graceful and mystical. A few drops of this essential oil blend will turn your surroundings into a place of sanctuary and spiritual well being. Glide on the many scents such as Linden, White Lotus and Jasmine and enjoy the air of Eastern serenity.

Blend ingredients: Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Iran Iran, Jasmine Absolute, Linden Blossom Absolute, White Lotus, Shell Ginger

Lemon Sublime
From time to time, life can be tough and getting motivated can be hard. Let this zesty little blend gently pick you up, refresh your mood and help let go of your worries. Lemongrass, one of the key scents in the blend, can also help with concentration and memory. Recommended for when you’re working hard at your desk.

Blend ingredients: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Peppermint Gum, Lime, Lemon Myrtle

Citrus Bliss
A truly blissful blend of citrus scents that will give you that calming boost you need. The Grapefruit and Yuzu aroma will reinvigorate you, while subtle wood, spice and sweet notes will alleviate you to a positive and spirited space.

Blend ingredients: White Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Cypress, Rose Geranium, Yuzu

*All KEN LLOYD Essential Oils are made from 100% plant-based natural materials.